Saturday, June 28, 2008

the art of kissing

do you ever lick your lips or curl them in toward your mouth and get a little jolt between your legs while thinking of kissing someone?...makes you feel both sexy and wicked at the same time...if i was a guy i think my dick would be rather stiff and rigid...throbbing, likely...

i just want to kiss someone...not anyone in particular...even the thought of being blindfolded while kissing someone is rather arousing right now...some random person that i dont we did in college...just line up and hand out kisses like candy...sweet lips...

kissing takes a modicum of skill, interestingly enough...the mouth should be relaxed, but not numb and hanging open...the lips should be supple, not all over the place...the tongue should be wet but not dripping with saliva...there should be subtle pressure, but not too little or too much...

i love those smacking sounds involved in kissing as well...but because mouths are involved..take care of your teeth!...nothing is worse than kissing someone with horrible breath or rough lips (a little lip balm goes a long way guys!)....

but that one kiss that can leave you grinning and thinking....yeah, i want me some of THAT!...that leaves your knees body breathless...yeah...those are the kisses i want...


Monday, June 23, 2008

back in black

well, not exactly black...but i am back on aneris's blog today... this post is more fun in take a gander...and many, many thanks for those of you who traveled over there last week for my last guest post...aneris was so pumped about all the comments that my post generated!...


Sunday, June 22, 2008

horny again

being stressed always makes me fucking horny...a good hard fuck with lots of hot foreplay beforehand...licking, sucking, kissing , teasing...damn...and i am sooo tired on top of everything...


evil hag bitch

yesterday and today were two very stressful days as they dealt with the "clean-up" since my father's's been seven months and we are just to the point where are untangling items...evil hag bitch was a relative (she is no longer because i have since put a curse upon her...seriously, i have never seen a grown woman (sixties) act so petulantly...

suffice it to say she has all the "power" and we have i care...she doesnt like the way we respond (or dont in some cases)...but if you had to deal with her you would also delay calling back EHB...i have tried on many occasions to address her catty behavior...and guess what...she doesnt care...

oh it was so great...she rolled her eyes, did a LOT of fake yawning, looking at her watch, tapping her fingernails, clicking her pen, mocking...when i used a calm voice and polite words she got snippy and laughed like our concerns were the silliest things in the world..."ha ha ha"...

she wanted to make us feel like our time wasnt valuable to her (which is how she says we have treated her)...if i had not been so stressed and pissed (yes, i fucking broke down and cried i was so infuriated with her) i would have laughed...but honestly...this was someone that has been there for me since i was born...i had never seen this side of her...she was ridiculous and deliberately hurtful...

we got the things that we were supposed to get but i was more concerned about the loss of the relationship...we used to get along so well...the last visit was a good one...i had heard she could be like this...i didnt want to believe it...

this is the second person close to me that has turned on me...both were family members...both were trusted....

she knew she made me upset and she fucking smiled...

how can a person who said they would always be there for you be so hurtful?...i've written before about broken hearts and how they dont have to come from a relationship with a significant other...

i hurt so much and i am filled with anger...and she doesnt even care that i dont desire to see/speak to her after her outrageous behavior...

i know i probably dont make sense...but from now on she is EHB...


Thursday, June 19, 2008

curiosities and musings

i have decided to start another blog where i will put my random poems and "essays"...i have a lot of things i enjoy writing/thinking about that do not necessarily fit in's like when you find a great shoe need a bigger closet...


bizarro mess-up

i am so sorry for the mix-up with the blog! lol...i am starting a new blog but havent finished working on it so i blocked it out for now, but i think i blocked the wrong one by mistake!!

many apologies!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sexual style

why does edge of vanilla have all the cool quizzes?? ...his latest is from okcupid...just take is so cool! is what mine said...


You scored 100 imagination, 58 confidence, 67 dominance, and 42 generosity!

You are a KINKY, CONFIDENT, DOMINANT lover who prefers to RECEIVE. This means that: You like relatively kinky sex, and you have the great imagination that will always keep your partner guessing and excited! There's no getting bored with you around, you could never settle for dull sex, you want something fun and new all the time. You aren't afraid to try out anything you hear about. You might just be an intelligent lover who needs to be mentally engaged, or perhaps you have some dirty dark secret kinky desires, but either way, you're never boring. You are pretty confident in bed. This means that you know you can please your lover. Maybe you've read a lot of sex manuals, or have the experience from previous lovers, or just tend to be skilled at whatever you get your hands on, but you're good and you know it. You can really get results and know that you have pure talent, so you won't be hiding away shy, pretending to be all innocent. Your partners love your naughty self assurance, you don't hesitate and this makes you a sensational lover. You tend to be dominant in bed, so you prefer to be the one giving the orders than taking them. Maybe you like the power, or just like controlling the pace, perhaps your partner likes to be dominanted, or maybe you get a kick out of the whole master/slave relationship, it could be something as small as liking to be on top during sex and tie up your lover to tease them, or it could be as kinky as them having to ask your permission to do anything at all. Either way, you are firm and you enjoy it! You would rather Receive than Give. This usually applies more to Oral sex than anything else, and other types of foreplay. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you are just very hooked on the sensation of orgasm, maybe you feel you deserve to be treated like a god/goddess, maybe you just aren't confident about your skills when it comes to returning the favour. Maybe you are lazy. Or maybe your partner loves to give and that suits you fine, so everyone is happy. Either way, remember to be a giver sometimes too, as long as your partner likes it. WE SUGGEST YOU TRY: Fluffy handcuffs, soft whips. You have the kinky factor that will mean you'll enjoy playing games in bed, and using these fluffy cuffs rather the metal sort of the just a silk scarf means you will be tied firmly, but comfortably. You can't get away, but you wont be in any pain. However, we know you'd rather do this to your lover than be tied up yourself, so feel free, or take turns! Enjoy some light flogging with a soft whip, just to see if you like being spanked, or use your hand. Nothing too heavy, but a little bit kinky.
let me know what you are!

how old is too old for sex?

so there is a great post on edge of vanilla about sexuality and the elderly...go read over it and let me know your thoughts...should grown children separate their octogenarian parents from engaging in sexual intercourse in a nursing home?


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cum read me

go check out my little guest post on aneris's blog... she is curious to see what everyone has to what are you waiting for?...see ya there!


online dating form

because i love the hell out of dateable dork i thought i would create an online dating form that she could use to weed out potential dweeboids...

1. Describe your current living arrangements:
a) me, myself, and i
b) two dudes and ginormous television
c) my mom and dad said i could live in the basement so why move?
d) my mom and i are so close she still holds my pecker when i pee

2. Describe your last relationship:
a) that was a great night!
b) my best friend nailed her before i could ask for her number
c) my mom says i am supposed to wait until she finds the right girl for me
d) it was so terrible...she said she loved me...then she broke my heart...i still walk by her place
at night...
e) she and i were like twin galaxies colliding in a pool of perfection...until she fucked my

3. What do you want in a relationship?
a) whoa...who said anything about a relationship?...i thought this was an NSA site...
b) did you ever watch that movie serendipity?
c) dinner, movies, hanging out on the weekends, nights in...i'm game for anything
d) my future wife would have to accept that my mother and i still share a room...she is my
soul mate...

4. What is your favorite part on a woman's body?
a) do i have to pick just one?
b) i would say her personality, her intelligence, or her sense of humor...i am that sensitive guy
who sees past a woman's body and realizes the true potential for spiritual connection...
c) my mother says i should never look at a woman's body...they are filthy vessels of sin...
d) i like long i can wrap my arm around it when she is going down on me...

5. How would you describe your fetish(es)?
a) what's a fetish?
b) a little nipple play and blind folding never hurt anyone
c) bring out the clamps and candlewax!
d) bow down to your master, you cunt!

6. What do you think you have to offer that would impress me the most?
a) i have a tongue that is like the energizer bunny...
b) my mother would make sure that we are always tucked in our own separate beds every
c) my total acceptance of who you are, not only as a woman, but as a spiritual being...
d) my totally kickass guitar hero skills!

7. We are home in bed in a sweaty sexual exercise session when the power goes off...what do you
a) check with the power company and make sure they got our last payment since i think i sent
it in late
b) who needs power to fuck?
c) call my mother...she always knows what to do in an emergency
d) run around trying to find the candles and flashlights...just call me mr. prepared!

8. When is a good time for the first kiss?
a) on our wedding day, according to mother...
b) once the 'tent' is pitched
c) i would never just take a kiss from a is a woman's precious gift to give...
d) it would depend on what my astrologer says...

please fill out and return to the lovely dork for her perusal!



coming to a blog near you..

more of me...that's right...i have actually been invited to do a guest post or two on someone's blog...i'll keep you updated and let you know...but it will be soon since i have already submitted my first post...


Monday, June 16, 2008

stress levels

work has kept me insanely busy...and i am okay with that...but familial pressures keep knocking at my door...i'd rather not get into it here (it concerns my father's will) but it is so stupid and petty that i just want to scream...the same conversations continue to circulate...we are making no headway because of repetitive nonsense...i want to just yell "i already fucking told you!!!"...

but...we all no that doesnt work...but neither does trying to bully me and treat me like a child...i think that telling me "well, cg, you are a very rude young lady...i have never been treated like that before and i worked with blah blah blah men who had such and such positions of power yada yada yada" i care what you said to people i dont give a shit about?? i care that i am rude because obviously the ten times of me telling you nicely didnt register in your brain??...

now i have a headache, i am cranky, my feet hurt from new heels i wore, and i need a hair cut...

and did i mention how friggin hot it is here???


(i promise i will be in a better mood tomorrow!! :)

EDIT: and i obviously cannot spell when under stress since i spelled "know" as "no"...bugger....

(unpub. draft #3) interruptus

pre-coital energy looming between us...threads of tension ready to lips part to release the breath i have been holding...the heat of my body makes small beads of sweat on my body...coming closer my eyes cant let go of yours...i cant move without you there...a slight ripple in my stomach tells me this is going to be one hell of a night...

and then you fucking whine at me and tell me you are saving yourself for marriage...never mind the seven women who came before me....never mind all the oral sex we've shared...

yeah yeah....i hope you choke your cock next time you spank your wank...


(unpub. draft #2) that night

i saw you walk into the didnt see i watched for a sex on legs you prowled...sniffing, nipples harden just by watching you...i can see the outline of your hardness through your pants...i want to taste you...moisture slowly builds between my lips...i ache to touch it...feel turn around and catch me staring at you...your eyes darken, your lips curve into a seductive smile that turns up the heat inside me...

you walk over to words...i place my finger over your lips and shake my head...i cock my head to the side...beckoning you to come with me...i lean forward, my finger still on your lips pressing lightly against my finger...i feel your breath...

you follow me know what i know what i need...


(unpub. draft #1) just to pause this...

some moments are that overwhelmingly wonderful, intense, joyful, and everything in between...they tear out your soul and leave it bare on the hardwood floors of your reality...shrinking away from the touch of it...stretching out to fill the space and leave it did i get here so far from where i want to close to where i am afraid to be...

i want you...everywhere...inside me...around me...within me...

just to pause this moment of incredible emotion...


addition problems??

so i was doing the math here...and it looks like (including the two 100th posts) that i actually have 92 posts...8 posts shy of the actual hundred...why did it tell me i had 100 posts...because i have a few that i drafted but never published...sooo...dont hate me because i am a

did anyone else catch that foe paw?


100th post pt deuce

i sit here listening to weezer (green album)...trying to compose a proper 100th post...sorta...

we are going to pretend i cant count and this is my 100s list...not quite 100 things i like, but as many as i can think goes!

books about the civil war (hey, i'm from the south)
music from all decades and virtually all genres
christian bale (i heart him)
star wars movies (except those two fuck-up movies)
scissor sisters (the music band)
texas history
texas (yes, i have a lot of texas pride...i love how you can go anywhere and see the flag flapping in the wind)
reading all your blogs!
taking care of my plants
looking up porn (amateur)
david eddings
america's next top model (stuff it...leave me to my vices!)
your mom
air conditioning (texas heat)
bodies of water (yet i have a fear of beaches lol)
salty sea air blowing in my face
the sounds of seagulls (i grew up in a beach town)
the moon in various phases
dark movie theatres
the smell of freshly cut grass
growing things
the sounds of rain (yet i hate thunder...scaredy cat that i am)
sexy voices
manly hands
dos equis
nipple pinching/twisting
soft sheets
cooking (i dont like to do dishes tho lol)
sex outdoors
problem solving
dragons (my chinese symbol...i am actually a fire dragon...rawrr!!)
LOTR trilogy (books and movies)
your best friend
blow jobs
a man's balls make me so crazy
a man who can do lots of things...yeah, i know that's vague
smart men
feeling strong and powerful
shaving my girly bits
sweaters in the cold
cuddling under the covers
shoving you away when i am done cuddling
making you ask for my kisses
telling you no when i really mean "try harder to woo me dammit"
laughing after sex because i feel so damn good
passing out after sex because i can
celtic mythology
putting on make-up
long dangly earrings
shoes shoes shoes
unlined, unrefined paper
fountain pens
black as night ink
my laptop
licking things off your lips
teasing your nipples
running my fingers through your hair
having my hair played with or brushed
playing my pussy even when i am not horny
sleeping naked
not wearing panties
red underthings
lip balm
driving with the windows down and music blaring
finding new music that i love
long make out sessions
a cock stretching my pussy
celebrity gossip
chet baker (oh, he was so hot and sexy)

so that is all i can think of off the top of my head...yeah, i probably left things off...any questions?...i'd love to hear'em if you have'em!...

here's a question for you...i dont have an email link you think i should post it or leave things as they are?...just curious...


EDIT: damn...that was actually almost 100

Sunday, June 15, 2008

100th post 100th post...i had something semi-planned for this post...BUT...aneris tagged me with this kinda cool meme...and you know how i LOVE this here goes...

Now for the rules: Seven Songs meme.

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.”

cg's list in no particular order:

donovan frankenreiter "move by yourself" (fun and funky/groovy)
girlicious "like me" (yeah, stuff it in your gob...i like the song)
frou frou "breathe in"
kate nash "foundations"
science for girls (feat. renee cologne) "violets"
white lion "wait"
william fitzsimmons "its not true"

tags go to:


sorry, beautiful


dateable dork




now get crackin!!


work, georgia, and life in general

so i have been AWOL for a week...bleh...i missed some great comments (i will get to each of you, i promise!)...but things have been crazy since school has me going constantly...i love it, yet i am exhausted...

georgia called me....again....we talked...we met for drinks and...some lovely heavy petting....why not sex, you ask?...hmm...because something told me no...not yet...but oh, my can he make my knees buckle...his voice...his lips...his tongue...his sexy mind...*fans self*

lol...anyhow...our lives our just not congruent for anything, we shall see how that all progresses...

brief post, i know...i gotta check out the other bloggers...aneris just hollered at me to say she tagged me on her blog so i gotta go peep what that's all about!...


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


why do men whoosh into a woman's life...take her by storm...fuck her silly, spin her brain in amazing ways, and then pfft fall off the face of the earth...

and then come back months later???

msg on ph: hi, it's me (who??), yeah...long time not talk...things went horribly wrong for a while...(yada yada yada - totally logical explanation, btw)...yeah...this is, if you wanna give me a call or something...or's my number...i understand if you talk to you later...

i will never understand men...


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

by the way...

i am supposed to be YATBK this week on the beautiful keep your peepers on the look out!


road trips part two

as i am writing this i have no idea where i left off and i am too tired and lazy to go back and read so here goes...

trying to fit three people on a twin size bed in a small college dorm is interesting...he offered us girls the bed, but she and i felt bad about him sleeping on the floor, so she said "c'mon, we can all squeeze sleep in the middle and cg and i will sleep on either side of you with our heads facing the opposite end of the bed"....actually, it worked rather well until a few minutes later i heard them whispering...

him: c'mere, i want to kiss you

roommate (giggling): no, cg's sleeping right weird is that??

him: she wont care, she might even like it

roommate: (doesnt say anything, just giggles and moves over to his end of the bed)

(soft kissing and lips smacking)

him: mmm, you taste so are making me hard....wanna feel?

roommate: no way! (giggles) i mean, wouldnt that be weird, like in the morning i mean, when we wake up and all?

him: i am so fucking hard right now...i really wish you would touch it

(by this time i am so fucking turned on that the throbbing is almost painful)

him: i think cg is awake...hey, awake?

roommate: holy shit, cg, are you awake!!

cg: how the hell can a person sleep with you two bumping and grinding over there?

him: aw, sounds like someone's feeling left out? you pouting?

cg: i dont pout.

roommate: cg, come lay down over on this side with us so that we can all talk

cg: oh, is that what they call it these days?

him: (laughs) here, i'll stretch my arm out so that you can lay down with your head on my chest

(how utterly chivalrous!)

cg: oh yeah? and what's in it for me?

him: i just want you to come over here...nothing more...for now (he laughs softly)

(cg, being the delightfully curious girl that she is, moves her happy little ass over to the other end of the bed)

roommate: i think we should both kiss him on the the same time...wouldnt that be fun?

(interestingly, the guy is very quiet, not wanting to mess with this flow)

cg: how would that work, even?

roommate: okay, how about we both lean over his face and slowly move toward him until all three of our mouths are touching

(so here we go, leaning over this quiet and still boy...i felt like my pussy was about to explode from the pressure...)

him: mmm, god you girls taste so make me so, please touch me...please...i promise i wont cum all over your hand...

cg: i dont think so...i am not touching your penis

(cg sits up and begins working her mouth over a very erect cock)

him: holy fuck!

he slowly strokes my hair, his body rising to meet my mouth...

for long slow minutes i sucked on his cock while they kissed...his balls i stroked with my tongue circling around them...

when he came the first time, she and i both licked at his cock, our tongues tangling in his cum...

my tongue was still eager for more stroking and licking so i freed her from her top and traced her nipples with my tongue...he took off my top and sucked on my nipples...his teeth pulling on them...

he wanted us to lay down while he attempted to finger-fuck us both at the same first it was really awkward...he turned his head to me and kissed me slowly...then he turned and kissed her...back and forth he kissed us both, his fingers exploring our wet pussies...

we realized we were getting sleepy...i said i wanted to just get off and go to she and i both masturbated with him in the middle stroking his cock...i came first, then her right after...he came with us whispering in his ear...

she and i left before he woke up...we never saw him again that year and she and i never talked about that night...but every once in a while something would remind us and we would look at each other and laugh out loud...


Sunday, June 1, 2008

road trips

summer is such a traditional time for road trips...packing up the car and taking off for some destination near or far...road trips are also the subject of one of my favorite fantasies...and some of my more memorable today we will visit one of my more memorable road trips...

it was my first year of college...a few of us decided to take an impromptu trip to a couple of nearby colleges where friends were 3am we were exhausted from driving all roommate and i ended up sneaking into her friend's dorm room (his roommate was out of town for the weekend)...the three of us made a mat of sorts from pillows and blankets and we slept on the floor...

for a while...

at some point i woke up because i heard them kissing...and it aroused me like crazy...i tried really hard to be quiet so they wouldnt know i was awake...but she must have known because she called me her nickname for me and leaned over him (he was in the middle of us two girls) and kissed my lips in a playful way and whispered into my mouth "it's okay if you want to play with us, really it is"...

it ended up being both an awkward and erotic night...(more to come)...