Monday, March 30, 2009

tmi tuesday #180

TMI Tuesday

1. Have you ever sent or recieved a sext message?


2. Have you ever made or recieved a booty call? drunk texts count as well...

3. Have you ever added or edited a word/entry to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary or any other online reference?

what??...that would be a negative, captain...

4. At what age did you have your first consensual sexual experience? young to know better, but old enough to know i was NOT supposed to be doing something like that with my babysitter's grandson...(hey, now, we were both at least ten years old..i had almost completely forgotten about that...)

5. What has been the greatest age difference between you a consensual sexual partner? be honest, my sexual partners have always been in my age range...just the way it works out...i have a limit...they cannot be more than four years just never works out...)

Bonus (as in optional): Why do you blog?

stupid question...better question is this: why dont i have more sex more often???....answer: i have no fucking clue except i work too damn much and the age limit thing wanders in...(*cough* soldier boy *cough*)


new project

i think i've only remember to mention this to one or two (or none!) of you, but i was asked by a friend of mine to be a "reader" on a project he is working on...he chose several of his more meaningful passages from his own personal blog and he invited a few of us to be readers...
"Passages is an exciting new project that brings blog posts to life. These selections were carefully picked from hundreds of writings by Scott Josephson -- known to many as ScottyJ, the podcast guest/uncle. The writings were categorized, distributed, and read by the hosts of several popular podcasts, including [mine/ours]. These passages were set to podsafe music and will be released thematically, starting in April. For more information, visit"

this means that you will all be able to hear me very soon (ack!)...actually, there is some really funny stuff in there...when i went on my "me-date" recently, i was going over the passages and i was laughing out loud at some of them, causing my fag-tastic waiter to ask why i was having such a good time in my little corner...i shared it with him and he loved one passage in particular...he wants to hear it and thought it was a neat favorite will not be read by me, but it's been a fun opportunity all around in general...because i am terribly terrible at getting things done on time, i just sent the test read today (they arent very long passages) and he will let me know how it sounds since the last time we chatted via gmail he made mention of the contrast in quality from phone to mic...

a project in personal iconography?...perhaps, but i still cant wait to hear how it all turns out...he also has a podplay for those of you who are more interested...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

lost in translation

that's where i've been, lost in the translation of this silly place called life...thanks to all of you who sent me emails (that i did not always respond to in a timely manner - part of it was my computer was a bit of a freak and the other part was likes to jump around and say "i'm on the one side, i'm on the other side"...and it was not like the was NOT on my side...

a quickie list of updates in the the not-so-entertaining life of this curiousgirl:

- i had a "me-date" recently...and let me tell you, i am one picky broad when it comes to choosing movies and places to eat...i mean, day-um! wonder i will be forever single, my decision-making skills go something like this:

"well, i could watch a comedy, but i really wanted to see this other movie, but then i also wanted to see that one, but if i watch that movie then it will be this time when i get out and i wanted to be on that side of town by this time, but if i watch this other one then i might get out too early...fuck, i just need a drink"

i sent aneris pics of the place where i had adorable little restaurant with a spectacular view of the garden...

our text summary:

aneris - that is pretty, are you at least surrounded by hot men?

cg - oh, yeah...except they are all gay...even the waiters!

aneris - it figures, only a gay man would eat in a place like that

they do have amazing hibiscus mint tea, that's for sure...delish...

- how can you tell if someone is truly flirting or just teasing...a friend of mine who is married (known him and wife for years, we all get along well), says "you need a tune-up"..."friends should be able to share things with each open"...he rubs my arm a lot and my back as's all a bit...odd...she is there when a lot of it happens and she never seems to mind...but i kinda do...

- went out one night...drama at the bar...we were with some friends...people are drinking (i am perfectly fine as are most of us) guy walks over to me:

guy - hi

cg - hi

guy - can i get dirty?

cg - (utterly perplexed) what??

(guy turns away shaking his head, walks over a few minutes later)

guy - can i get dirty?

cg - (is he serious?? he is so wasted) what are you talking about??

guy - it's been eight months

cg - okay (turns away and rolls eyes, ignores him)

guy - hey, are you married? do you have kids?

cg - why?

guy - i'm not married, i dont have kids...look (shows a silver ring with a cross etched in it)...this is my purity ring...(laughs)

cg - okay

(guy mumbles several times before i lean over to hear...he grabs my head and pulls me in for a kiss but i, like the fleet-footed rabbit that i am, turn to evasive maneuvers - i duck my

everyone apologizes for his behavior (it was both comical and tiring) and when we left he rubs the back of my hand with his thumb (um...okay)...later i find out he proceeded to start a little scuffle in the parking lot with someone because we left...makes no sense, but then drunk people rarely do...i should know...i have performed countless studies on the effects of drinking alcohol on decision-making (see above paragraphs)...

- soldier boy is back...and pissy as hell..."let me come over", you will not come is five in the morning..."then you come here", i will not come over it is five in the morning...what part of "it is five in the morning" are you not getting???...

- while i was being greeted with the best pick up line ever (hey, what are you drinking...why?...because i might pay for it if it isnt too expensive... ... ...dont do me any favors, buddy) i witnessed a scuffle between an ex-nfl player and a lezzie...when smack talk goes wrong ex-nfl players go on the offensive and push around the defender...the defender flips the card table and poker chips and cards go flying everywhere, along with several glasses of adult bevs...then, the taunting begins.."do it again, do it again, fucking hit me again"...cops show up...only the lez is around so the ref cant call on unsportsmanlike buzz kill...

that should be it for now...i have been busy enjoying a lot of the local goings-on but now that my computer is back and not being such a whiny little bitch, i should be back to posting more regularly...yeah, i was like "you're a bitch" and the computer was like "..." and then i said "who's your fucking pimp, bitch!"...finally the guy at the counter said "ma'am, please step away from the laptop and no one will get hurt" was a close one...i was sooo ready to throw down...

hee hee