Saturday, September 27, 2008

guess what

question: what leaves me feeling fully satisfied at the end, yet leaves my fingers aching and feeling stiff?? (hint - it was what i did last night and this afternoon - think outside of the box, people!)

offer your answers up to the curious girl...hmm...i suppose i should have a reward or probably wont be nearly as exciting as some of you would like, though!...

maybe a phone call with cg herself! (no, not THAT kind of phone call lol)...we shall see...


EDIT: i will offer up one clue per make things more accessible for everyone - does that help, sugarbaby??

CLUE #1: what do lead, steel, and tortoises have in common (i am trying REALLY hard not to give it away guys - but this might give it away anyhow)

CLUE #2: it can have four, six, seven, eight, ten, or twelve with six being the most common
(no one has guessed correctly as yet)

CLUE #3: robert johnson

okay, if you dont have it by now...for shame!

12 curious people say...:

comfydildo said...

did you play an instrument or just your pussy?

curiousgirl said...

darling comfy, i cannot reveal i said "think outside of the box"...i will not judge any answers for...let's give it a week or so...but you can offer as many answers as you like and if there are duplicate answers the person who posted it first (or most accurately) will be the winner...


(no, you cant win by default! lol)

Sucre Bebe said...

Hey! I want to win by default! Darn!

Were you playing a game or making something? (Give a hint to the hapless!)

Percy said...

think outside the 'box' well I guess you weren't playing with a toy then huh!
"fingers aching and stiff"


you were..... pruning your plants on your patio?

comfydildo said...


mnwhr said...

Wii olympics!

bdenied said...

You waxed your car.

curiousgirl said...

alas, no one has the answer, although i will say this - one of the comments will lead you in the direction of the answer...good luck!


Anonymous said...

-building a cubicle/dividing wall
-selling sea shells by the sea shore
-writing something like a haiku
-making hard candy
-"Finding Nemo"
-some kind of cross-stitch or crochet
-soduku puzzles
-building the Ark
-filling out tax forms
-running in a marathon
-thumb wrestling
-sending an SOS via carrier pigeons
-text messaging
-playing poker with a guy who has 6 fingers on each hand
-shooting a gun
-playing Dungeons and Dragons tabletop with several dice
-eating tofu
-wrangling kittens
-stroking different sized phallus'
-stroking different sized cocks
-doing the macarena in varied speeds
-caring for orphaned dust mites
-saving a beached whale
-building/working on a gas-powered engine
-fishing with varied sized hooks
-making gravy
-marketing said gravy
-becoming a multi-millionaire selling said gravy
-starting early going door to door for Jerry's kids
-finger puppets
-shadow puppets
-controlling a marionette
-driving for nascar

(sorry the clues didn't help)

curiousgirl said...

lol..that is quite a list...and not one of them is correct...interesting that you posted here...


Anonymous said...

Played guitar

How many strings are on a guitar?
In: Musical Instruments


Guitars usually have six strings, although there are variations on this, the most common being a twelve-string guitar; the seven string guitar; the ukulele, which has four strings; and the bass guitar, which usually has four strings but also exists in five, six, eight, and twelve-string versions. There are also more exotic models involving multiple necks and pickups.

Answer from

comfydildo said...

awww man! I said an instrument in the beginning! I should have made a guess what kind. Doh!