Saturday, October 8, 2011

the passage of time

time has a way of slipping away at a little girl, the passage of time was something i could not fully comprehend...i knew that birthdays and holidays crept by once a year and that bedtime came too's been over a year since my last post (thank you so much for those of you that have continued to email me every so often - i dont check my email frequently enough, but thanks for emailing - it means a lot to me!) that year, i kept saying "i need to post! i need to check out my favorite bloggers/blogs!"...but, time has a way of slipping by...

over the past year:

1. i met some really interesting people

2. i met some other people that i hope to never meet again!

3. i made some bad choices

4. i made some better choices, too!

5. i took chances - that i would normally have never taken, but at least i can say i did

6. i learned that taking chances is really a good way to grow and can make you laugh at yourself when you wonder "what the hell was i thinking??"

7. sometimes, i am just not a very nice person

other than that, life is pretty peachy...well, as long as i let that peach set in a paper bag for a couple of days, should be alright!

men are just such fascinating creatures...they have continued to drive my crazy - and not in that really hot, sexy, fabulous way!...nope, they just do and say and behave so strangely...a friend of mine consistently says "you have the WORST taste in men!"...well, i thought they tasted just fine, thankyouverymuch!! ;)

oh, i know as women we can make life hell at times for you guys...but i marvel at how men can be so utterly, adorably, sensuously charming and have the ability to say things like "you intrigue me" "i am so in like with you right now" "i've never been so into a woman like i am into you"...

do you get those from books or something?...i'm not "man-hating", nope, just curious...why say those things? you really think we believe those?...i would prefer not to become a cynical, eye-rolling disbeliever of all things men say/do...but, alas!...i fear it is nearly too late!

*falls to a swoon*

anyhow, i decided to do something fun and silly to make the passage of this next year go by with a bit of humor and a bit of no-regret...i read somewhere about life being a verb (sounds like a damn progressive, self-help, helpmenotbesowhinyandunhappywithmylife kind of thing)..

so, i'm going to pick a random verb and try to "do" that verb three times in one day...hell, i thought it would be kinda fun and random to fact, i didnt know i was going to do it until i started typing and the idea popped into my head...fancy that!...

any verb suggestions?...

i think i might just cut them up into index cards or papers or some shit like that and randomly draw one out so i know what my focus verb will be...

i start tomorrow...the verb...




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