Saturday, August 14, 2010

like a needle in a haystack

im always curious about how people manage to find my here is a current breakdown of searches and blogs that lead to me:


"he sucked my boobs he fucked me" ( i really dont know how bc when i clicked it i couldnt find me)

"i needed a cock between my legs"

"cum sicle" (i get this one a lot)

"sucked his cock"

and then a lot for just "avid curiosity" which is different

most of the people that come to my blog come from the same places all the time:

scott and emma (they really push the limits at times - not for the faint of heart! lol)

jake (facts and friction) (always hot, always sexy)

bdenied (great blogger buddy!)

dateable dork (she's a mess lol and ALWAYS funny...& guys, she posts pics from time to time!)

the first three have been the most consistent for at least a year i think...just interesting to find out where the pervs come from!

i saw this clip of an underwater blowjob from TBK last night...and while i found the woman's make up hideous the idea of giving a bj while submerged underwater was kinda interesting...i have to give the woman props because it had to be hard as hell since she was sucking cock, holding her breath under water, and trying to keep from floating up all at the same time...and keeping her eyes open...

but i will admit that now i am curious to try that...and the best part of the clip was how it looks when a man ejaculates under water...that was very erotic...


3 curious people say...:

Missy n’ B said...

I found your blog because you commented on our blog...

It was a nice comment too...


curiousgirl said...

@b -

thanks for stopping by...your blog has lovely writing and makes me feel as if i am there watching from the shadows...good stuff!


Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

Hey hey, glad my visitors like your blog too!