Sunday, November 30, 2008

end of the year thoughts

it's chilly outside today...gray clouds in the sky...absolutely "thinking" weather for here i sit, looking out the window at the dreary weather outside and i wondered...what have i learned about myself and others this past year?...we always look to the future when we think about new much so that we forget where we started and the road we've trod during those last several is a list of my own musings...

"what i learned this past year"

1. i am infinitely more sexual than i ever realized

2. sexually curious people are some of the nicest, most open people i've encountered

3. i still havent figured out how to finish things...i try to do too many at one time...

4. blood is thinner than watered wine

5. i am getting older (fuck!)

6. freedom is being able to make certain choices without making excuses for them

7. even freedom has its price

8. i miss the rush of my immersion into music

9. the push for conformity is intensely strong in america

10. i continue to struggle with my desire to reisist conformity within the ring of conformity in which we live

11. if you wait long enough, things usually settle

i would love to hear any of your thoughts about your past year...some of you have emailed me things that relate to this topic...feel free to either email me your thoughts, make a post of your own, or reply in the comments...


4 curious people say...:

Percy said...

very nice cg.. made me think and posted some thoughts on my blog

DnWormer said...

I ran into 6,7 and 9 alot myself this year.

Merlin said...

5 is inevitable, 9 is regrettable, and 1, 2 and 10 are cause for celebration.

The best thing in my life in 2008? The blossoming of my relationship with Nimue. It's been so beautiful.

curiousgirl said...

@merlin - thanks for your comment...i love how you said 1, 2, and 10 were causes for celebration! lol...

i know how special nimue is to you...and i know how often you must tell her so!