Monday, February 18, 2008

curiosity strikes

so, what makes a girl curious? everything!...i cant help but wonder and go, hmmm...i should google that...the world of google magic puts everything at my fingertips...all the things i ever wanted to know...are ready to be twisted and warped by moi..

i tried my hand at blogging briefly, but i realized something...i was almost afraid i would type something strange and boring...and, to a certain extent, i suppose i that i have done some soul-searching, tea leaf reading, ritual sacrifices...i have decided, i really dont give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about the oddities in my there!

i figured i would introduce myself to the bloggerworld by listing a few curiosities about myself:

1 - i get uber horny right before, during, and after my period
2 - the idea of sex during my period is too strange for me
3 - i have to look at porn nearly everyday, just cause
4 - i LOVE football
5 - have never dated a guy who loved football like i
6 - i ask waaay too many questions
7 - i always ask for iced tea...with a bowl of lemons
8 - not crazy about
9 - addicted to phone sex
10 - physical relationships never work out - i think i am destined for celibacy..bleh

okay, so maybe they arent interesting curiosities, cut me some slack here!..anyhow, recently i had a conversation with a friend, he is bicurious and a wonderful friend of mine - he has never fulfilled his fantasy, and i doubt he ever will...i never thought the idea of two guys and a girl was all that exciting until he shared it with me...we love to arouse one another with various stories and fantasies...and let me tell you...once we get going, it is would be so easy to just be fuck buddies...he is a great guy and a super friend...but...that would be pushing things a bit for us can complicate least it has been my experience that it can...

so he asked me...why does the idea of two guys not turn you off...hmm...i dont know...part of it is that it is him...part of it is that i have begun to separate the idea of sex as a gay, lesbian, or "straight" has to do with two people moving together in a physical way...for some it is sensual, loving and filled with sweet joy...for others it is hot, heady, and raw...for such a small word, sex is something that is so many cannot be limited by narrow is not that "anything goes" but more like "everything goes"...

a sexual relationship is that ...something that must be nurtured so that it may grow...evolve...into something fulfilling...

at least that is my two cents!


2 curious people say...:

Percy said...

2 guys one woman... not my cup of tea....
interesting conversation though

curiousgirl said...

i wasn't always like that and i dont go looking for it when i surf around for porn...but i've done the whole two women one guy thing and that was fun!