Tuesday, June 3, 2008

road trips part two

as i am writing this i have no idea where i left off and i am too tired and lazy to go back and read so here goes...

trying to fit three people on a twin size bed in a small college dorm is interesting...he offered us girls the bed, but she and i felt bad about him sleeping on the floor, so she said "c'mon, we can all squeeze in...you sleep in the middle and cg and i will sleep on either side of you with our heads facing the opposite end of the bed"....actually, it worked rather well until a few minutes later i heard them whispering...

him: c'mere, i want to kiss you

roommate (giggling): no, cg's sleeping right there...how weird is that??

him: she wont care, she might even like it

roommate: (doesnt say anything, just giggles and moves over to his end of the bed)

(soft kissing and lips smacking)

him: mmm, you taste so good...you are making me hard....wanna feel?

roommate: no way! (giggles) i mean, wouldnt that be weird, like in the morning i mean, when we wake up and all?

him: i am so fucking hard right now...i really wish you would touch it

(by this time i am so fucking turned on that the throbbing is almost painful)

him: i think cg is awake...hey, cg...you awake?

roommate: holy shit, cg, are you awake!!

cg: how the hell can a person sleep with you two bumping and grinding over there?

him: aw, sounds like someone's feeling left out? you pouting?

cg: i dont pout.

roommate: cg, come lay down over on this side with us so that we can all talk

cg: oh, is that what they call it these days?

him: (laughs) here, i'll stretch my arm out so that you can lay down with your head on my chest

(how utterly chivalrous!)

cg: oh yeah? and what's in it for me?

him: i just want you to come over here...nothing more...for now (he laughs softly)

(cg, being the delightfully curious girl that she is, moves her happy little ass over to the other end of the bed)

roommate: i think we should both kiss him on the mouth...at the same time...wouldnt that be fun?

(interestingly, the guy is very quiet, not wanting to mess with this flow)

cg: how would that work, even?

roommate: okay, how about we both lean over his face and slowly move toward him until all three of our mouths are touching

(so here we go, leaning over this quiet and still boy...i felt like my pussy was about to explode from the pressure...)

him: mmm, god you girls taste so good...you make me so hard...cg, please touch me...please...i promise i wont cum all over your hand...

cg: i dont think so...i am not touching your penis

(cg sits up and begins working her mouth over a very erect cock)

him: holy fuck!

he slowly strokes my hair, his body rising to meet my mouth...

for long slow minutes i sucked on his cock while they kissed...his balls i stroked with my cheeks...my tongue circling around them...

when he came the first time, she and i both licked at his cock, our tongues tangling in his cum...

my tongue was still eager for more stroking and licking so i freed her from her top and traced her nipples with my tongue...he took off my top and sucked on my nipples...his teeth pulling on them...

he wanted us to lay down while he attempted to finger-fuck us both at the same time...at first it was really awkward...he turned his head to me and kissed me slowly...then he turned and kissed her...back and forth he kissed us both, his fingers exploring our wet pussies...

we realized we were getting sleepy...i said i wanted to just get off and go to sleep...so she and i both masturbated with him in the middle stroking his cock...i came first, then her right after...he came with us whispering in his ear...

she and i left before he woke up...we never saw him again that year and she and i never talked about that night...but every once in a while something would remind us and we would look at each other and laugh out loud...


10 curious people say...:

comfydildo said...

sounds like fun. still totally jealous.

Anonymous said...

Finally I fucking figured out how to leave you comments. Dayumn.

Anyway, if my last comment didn;t post, I said that I actually got really hard reading the part of the story where you both lick his cum off of his cock. Too hot

thedateabledork said...

Damn, girl!!! That was the hottest little story I've read in a while. I'm all turned on now... kinda wish I had a roommate and friend to play around with tonight. : )

curiousgirl said...

@comfy - sometimes, when i remember things like that, i will feel my lips curve into this little smile that makes people ask me...what's so funny?...and i just smile and say, oh nothing, i was just remembering something funny...i love those moments!

@collegehookerboy - it's always nice to know when my own curiosities inspire others to arousal!

@dork - ah yes, but you are such a resourceful girl, that i know you can find a playmate ;)


mnwhr said...

Damn, that was a very hot recollection.

curiousgirl said...

@mnwhr - why thank you!


Insomniatic said...

lucky lucky LUCKY girl. I guess being curious does a lot of good huh? lol

Facts and Friction said...

So utterly hot, I'm completely jealous. I've had three girls in my tiny uni bed but unfortunately one has always just been a friend who I have subtly tried to move. On one occasion the usual yawns, 'I'm tired' and 'it is getting late...' moves didn't have any impact, so I physically pushed her out of the bed! I think I managed to play it off as an accident though, and what followed more than made up for any guilt I was feeling...

curiousgirl said...

@insomniatic - curiosity killed the cat...and made me a very, very creative girl! ;)

@facts/friction - okay, first of all...totally awesome name!!...second...it is the experiences of life that make the ride that much more enjoyable!

thanks for stopping by!


the_beast_within said...

you should write this out with more detail and maybe embellish a bit and submit it to literotica.....I know everyone would enjoy it.