Saturday, December 20, 2008

how you move me

i am sitting here waiting for the polish on my toe nails to dry before we head out for the night...and i thought i would share (for those who would like to know! - and if you dont, go fuck yourself) the songs that are currently the soundtrack of my life...some old, some new...enjoy! (or not!)...

"lollipop" - framing hanley (this is a super-fun version of lil wayne's "lollipop" song - i like both versions, but this one is on my current playlist)

"white rabbit" - jefferson airplane (this song makes me feel strong and defiant - grace slick's vocals are cool)

"always where i need to be" - the kooks (just pure uk pop - love it, love it)

"nine 2 five" - the ordinary boys/lady sov (older song, but another fun song - originally by lady sov)

(embedding disabled - here is the link )

"cookie jar" - gym class heroes (all you pervs should like this one)

"green light" - john legend/andre 3000 (i absolutely love john legend - he has such a sexy voice and his music is both sensual and full of life)

"let it rock" - kevin rudolf/lil wayne (just a fun song)

(again, no embedding here is the link)

"i dont care" - apocalyptica/adam gontier (embedding disabled again, here's the link )

damn, that's all i can do...i am being summoned!!


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