Thursday, December 25, 2008

who am i?

i was reading up on a couple of older posts that aneris had on her blog and i ran across one about women and friendships...anyhow, mnwhr commented "i am one of those who believes the company you keep says a lot about you, but i think it's good to keep around those folks who balance you"

what do the people i associate with in "real life" and in blogger land say about me? make things more interesting, i chose at random three people i know in "real life" and three i know here in blogger land...i wont give out names i will just do numbers...

"real life" homies

#1 - he is extremely exasperating with an IQ totally off the charts...and the husband of a friend...sometimes i hang out with both, sometimes just me and her, and sometimes just me and him...weird?...he whines and complains about the evils of society and conformity...he worries about the roots of all evil...he is disdainful of modern technology...he has the social graces of both a player and a tree...he can be rude as hell and thoughtful to a fault...

#2 - she pulled on me for so long...calling me for this or that (emotional neediness)...then when she got her shit together flew away with the birds...when we talk it is like none of that time has gone by...we can go months without talking and then suddenly pick back up again and have the best time...we always have a great time...we are total opposites...she thinks porn is an evil thing...

#3 - he is the closest thing i have to a best friend...we admit that we must have known each other in a former life...purely platonic...we are like brother and sister...he is so driven and yet cant let go of things in his past...he is too methodical and cynical at times...we share the same love of reading, music, and movies...intensely so...we often write together...he is one of perhaps two or three people i know that know me so well...he would be both surprised and not surprised at all i have done and considered in my life...

blogger land weirdos

#1 - she is both fun and wickedly intelligent...we do "get" each other too much at times...she is both open and and closed off...she is creative and worldly, yet appreciates the quiet life...we different, yet the same...

#2 - she is insanely funny and just amazes me with her shenanigans...i havent known her all that long, but we seem to have certain things in common...i am able to explore new ideas through her blog...

#3 - he is thoughtful and intense...his words and ability to communicate are strong and have a nice flow...there is an openness and decisiveness about him...he does not make excuses and sees no reason to...his life is what it is...

i should mention, that of all 6 -
4 of them are very sexual
3 of them enjoy a good drink (i dont really know about the bloggers)
1 of the "real lifers" smokes; 1 of the "real lifers" has a self-piercing from when he was younger
1 has experienced sex outside of marriage
1 has been cheated on
1 has a desire to have sex with me (my friend's husband) he has mentioned this once or twice and says his wife would be okay with it
2 are younger than i am
2 are my age within a year or two
2 are at least ten years older

so, anyone care to analyze who i am based on who i hang out with both here and outside of the blogger world??


7 curious people say...:

Merlin said...

You enjoy a diversity of people and opinions. You are open-minded enough to find value in different points of view. And you are, on balance, sex-positive.

Sounds like you would be interesting to hang out with. What could be a higher compliment than that?

curiousgirl said...

now that is quite a compliment!


bdenied said...

just trying to figure out where I fit in on this one...oh well...enjoyed the post anyway even if I dont fit're a lot of fun

Percy said...

who are you?
you are open to people of all types, a good listener, it seems from your descriptions you forgive people easily. age doesn't seem to be an issue with you in regards to friends.

open friendly, not stuck in the confines of our modern culture.

curiousgirl said...

@bdenied - that's just it...none of them really seem to fit in together...and that's how you fit in! :)

@percy - i am open, and i CAN be friendly but i can just as easily be withdrawn...stuck in theconfines of modern culture...i think that best describes so many of us on here! lol


mnwhr said...

You're obviously a well-adjusted, open-minded person who enjoys stimulating conversation and learning. All in all a good thing to be.

curiousgirl said...

@mnwhr - dont you love how you inspire me to write posts?? lol

thanks for the input...*inputs data in computer*'ll see what the results are!