Monday, May 18, 2009

so silly

that last post was, it was something all right...i feel better today...and i feel rather silly for being emotional, is what it is!

i just ordered a new bag from dungaree dolly's and i am so feels like i've done nothing but go shopping lately, but it's been a while...i should be good to go for a while some new bras from vs they should be here next week...yays!

it was a fan-fucking-tastically gorgeous day today...i am so glad i work where i can have the doors and windows open on a pretty day like today...unfortunately, summer's is nearly here and those days will be far and few between until late fall!...summer in texas...

i am actually quite sleepy...but very aroused...dont you hate that feeling where you are tired and yet you cant sleep because of all the squirming you are doing as a result of certain pulsing and feeling of wetness?...did that last part make sense??...


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