Saturday, April 12, 2008


it hurts,
that i cannot be
what you want -
what you need-
i didnt lie when i said
those words
but they have so

it hurts,
that i cannot be
what i want -
what i need -
i hang my head
the things
i did to you
many things.

will i forever suffer
the sins of
my past?

will i ever regain
the joy of
my youth?

it hurts,
the things i said
the things i did
to you
to me -

foolish you were
to love

foolish i was
to let


4 curious people say...:

Percy said...

a lot of emotions there. a poem that should be a song I feel. I can feel there is some music that would fit those words perfectly.

curiousgirl said...

perhaps one day...


Unknown said...

Beautiful - I love it. Poetry is a great outlet for raw emotion, and I definitely feel it in this post. Really nice job with this.

curiousgirl said...

@dateable - thanks...i recently heard from someone that i hurt deeply in the past...every time i hear fiona apple i think of a couple of guys that i hurt this way...

"i've been a bad, bad girl,
i've been careless with a delicate man,
and it's a sad, sad world,
when a girl will break a boy,
just because she can"