Saturday, October 11, 2008

bargain bins

this morning the wickedly witty aneris and i were having a chat about men...shocker, i know...if men only knew half of the things women say to each other they would cringe in delight, fear, and

anyhow, here is a snippet of our conversation this morning:

Aneris: right, he thinks he has the power b/c he has the gold but please...
if we are just travel buddies, then ok. but do not text me and call and all that
no need to act like we are in love

me: oh he does it because he thinks that is his role...if he can put things in their little cubbies then it is easier for him to make himself feel better

Aneris: very very true. you are so damn smart

Aneris: i am almost ready to be shipped off to krypton
this world is not my home
these men are insane

Aneris: i think men do not want to be with us when we clearrly state we want $$$$

me: of course not, because then it doesnt fit into their little dream bubble of how a woman should be

Aneris: so, i closed my acct. the guys were either aggressive or old and bossy
some geezer-67-wants a mstress
but he thinks that he can screw her like every week

me: on his terms, i am sure

Aneris: so, he tells me that i am sexy but too far

me: ah, so the woman is perfect but shopping through the bargain bins at a closeout retail chain

Aneris: of course. i told him he is not poor and he has flyer miles, make it happen or no but stop with the talking.

Aneris: yes. CG, is it wrong to expect a man to do more than stick his weenie into me?

me: lmfao...hey, it is your make your own rules...and if you dictate that you want more than to offer free sex to these men, that is your choice...your freedom...
so these are the ramblings of two women on a saturday morning...*sighs* wont make sense to most of you, and you may form instant opinions or judgments based on this as you like...or do what we do...get a glass of wine and jump into a delightful conversation that pushes your thoughts far past anything you ever thought you would want to know...;)


11 curious people say...:

Aneris said...

You are gonna get a spanking one day, Miss...ol

curiousgirl said...

hahaha...oh, i know, as you said, people are gonna strike you down for a gold-digging slut and me a sympathizer!...but sometimes it is good to stir the pot and see what happens...;)


Aneris said...

Just know when they tie me to the stake and light the bonfire, there is enough wood left over for you. Being my accomplice is not always safe!

curiousgirl said...

hmm...didnt consider that one...

oh well! ;)


Apollo Unchained said...

In keeping with your suggestion to just jump into the conversation ...

One of the first women I hooked up with after meeting on AFF started asking for money almost immediately. She started with gas money, then money to pay for her storage unit, then there was more stuff. I could see where it was going.

I hired a private detective to find out who the hell I was really dealing with, in case she was part of some criminal gang. I was happy when she turned out to be just a poor but ambitious woman living in a homeless shelter. Felt bad for her, but I cut things off right away.

And I have no idea if this is germane to your conversation, but it seemed to have something to do with women and $$$, so thought I'd chip in.

curiousgirl said...

@apollo - first of all, thank you for's always nice to have fresh blood around here lol...

secondly, your experience was relevant on one particular point - from the get-go, the woman should have made it clear through either her profile or initial conversation what her expectations where with any suitor she chose...if she was wanting to play the role of a mistress, then she should have stated that from the beginning..

aneris is well-educated and is not looking for "sex-on-the-side"...she has made it clear to these men what she is looking for...the problem is, that people judge her actions with understanding...there are men out there who love women and want to pay their bills, buy them things, and provide a financial "ride" for them...this is where she comes it...but the problem lies where the men think that they have paid so they are entitled to everything...but she isnt a wife...they become clinging and demanding...they are much more of an emotional roller coaster lol...(aneris, did i get it all okay?? lol)

i am glad that you jumped into the conversation...i have a lot of male readers and i dont think that they would stop and consider what this is all about...if aneris were a gold-digger, she would care only about the money...and although that plays a factor (for she does like to keep a certain lifestyle lol), she has no qualms about calling it quits because they become emotionally needy to the point that she becomes mother to them...

i apologize for the uber long reply to your comment, but i was able to respond this way because of your comment...she and i were concerned/curious about what people would think about her for her choices and me for being, as she puts it, an "accomplice"...i am her friend and i do not judge her...

thanks for stopping by! ;)


Apollo Unchained said...

I was thinking about your reply after I read it the first time, and I wanted to leave special kudos. This is the first time I can remember a blogger using "mistress" in what I would consider the correct sense of the term, i.e. involving some sort of financial support.

Common usage in my corner at least of the blogosphere seems to have degenerated to mean "regular girlfriend of a married man".

Anyway i just wanted to acknowledge that you are clearly a smart babe. With pretty eyes.

curiousgirl said...

@apollo - you are correct in your explanation of the context of a mistress...that is why a mistress is neither a girlfriend nor a wife...

thanks for the compliment...and that is now twice that you have mentioned my eyes hehehe...;)


Aneris said...

Well! CG explains it all in less than 1000 words. We know who got an "A" on her essays!

I expect the men who claim they like me to be honest, as I am with them. There are men who do like to do stuff for their woman/sex buddy/friend. It may be exclusive, it may not.

I thought (I must be nuts) a mistress is supposed to get financial goodies...a married man may have bought groceries for the home but that does not cover his bill for dinners eaten outside.

Many steady side relationships may qualify as a mistress type; I just call them affairs. I bet the wife would feel just as bad if money were involved, as were not.

I do not care if a man thinks of me as mining for gold. But thank you for clarifying, CG!

Apollo: most women do want something besides a hard one. That "something" may be kind words, an extra orgasm, a pot of daisies, a dinner or even a phone call. The "something" is often attention.

I am glad that you were thoughtful enough to help her and that you were not a target.

If it were me, I would have did what I could to help her. I doubt I could have sex with a person in need and leave them there after I got off, but I am a woman, so my thoughts are softer concerning that sort of thing.

I will say that I am surprised that men do not expect to do more than have sex with a woman they meet online or in person. Not unless she was married, I would expect that 'something' was wanted of me, if I were a man.

Yes, it is supposed to be clear but it often is not. Men are very clear on what they want, but sex in practice can be muddled.

In my case, I am very clear on what I like and don't like.

If a man doesn't agree with me, all he has to do is wait 10 minutes and he will see another he likes.

And vice versa.

Apollo Unchained said...

Well I would always expect to pay for dinner. Or the hotel ;-) And I was quite good about bringing flowers and chocolate.

And I didn't mind helping out this one woman, the problem was that she started hitting me up right away, before we had established any sort of relationship, and her requests got larger each time. So I was actually quite worried.

But I later became very deeply involved with another woman, and at one point tried to give her a significant amount of money to pay for some unexpected medical expenses. She refused, but the real point is that we had the kind of relationship where I trusted her and saw a genuine need that I could help with.

Even there, it would have been an act of love and friendship, not a "mistress" relationship as I would define it.

Aneris said...

Depends on the person, every man is different. Some men will, once the sex starts, and either put a limit on it, or stop. Too many women to shag for free.

Other men get a warm glow out of trying to help a woman who does not take their help, as it somehow means she just wants them, not anything else. ( A man told me that.)

I will conduct an experiment soon. To see if I can find the man who just likes me for me and it is fine if we do not have sex. Not a married man who is just friendly, not a cheater who likes attention but just a normal single dude.

This will be like the
"Hunt for Red October", I will be looking a long time.

Since the sexual revolution has changed things (thank God it cannot be pinned on me; I was not born when it began), it is a matter of tit-or-tat.

Well, well.