Sunday, October 12, 2008

sing me a song

said musician when he called tonight...rather than get into a lengthy post about the conversation, here is our conversation as best as i can recall it...

musician: hey, sweetie, how you feelin'? (please note the west texas accent)

cg: good and yourself? (please note NO real texas accent - well, maybe just a little)

musician: i just wanted you to know that we came in second place tonight! (his blues band in some contest)

cg: really?? that's great! i bet you are so excited!

musician: yeah! hey, are you feeling alright there, sweetie? you sound a bit on the poor side.

cg: i wasnt feeling all that well this weekend - my throat was bothering me on friday and by saturday i was really not feeling well.

musician: oh, i am sorry to hear that. you need someone to make you a nice bit of hot soup and tuck you into bed (he chuckles)

cg: that is very sweet of you (laughs softly)

musician: (sighs) you sure do have the prettiest laugh - just so soft and sweet - and the voice of an angel (okay, so he's laying it on thick - but this is TEXAS ya'll!!)

cg: um, okay (laughs - what the hell do i say to that??)

musician: hey, listen, i am coming to your parts (of the state, people, get it straight!) next month and wanted to know if you wanted to hang out. i could help you with that song you've been working on (on my dad's guitar)

cg: that would have to depend on when you are coming into's a really busy time...actually i need to get those strings you suggested.

musician: well, i could pick up the strings and put them on the guitar for you and get it tuned up real nice. maybe we could have a little jam session, you know i love to hear you sing.

cg: i havent sung in a very long time, you know that

musician: sweetie, your voice sends shivers down my spine. just hearing your voice is like a melody to my ears (laughs) i know, i probably sound stupid for saying it, but there it is.

cg: (laughs)

musician: i hear your voice and i can see your eyes, those beautiful expressive eyes that are always hiding something...i know, i know...we are supposed to be just friends...but you have to know how compelling they are.

cg: thank you for the compliment...i dont know what to say, to be honest

musician: nothing...anything...(laughs)...i dont know that i have ever encountered a woman quite like you, cg...i mean, you dont exactly let me come close at's like you sit there, with that sweet voice and those big eyes and keep me at arm's it just me?

cg: no, it is me...always has been...very few have gotten past this point...i did warn you....

the conversation is similar to so many others i have had over the years...i just cannot let anyone get too close...and i wish i knew why...i draws some in and irritates others...i have been accused of playing games...but it isnt that...they just dont understand...and i dont know if they ever will...

it's like the whole kissing post...everyone only commented on how i was denying myself pleasure and what not...when that isnt the point...or maybe it is...i dont know....maybe it is a very intense form of introversion...bleh...

ding dong, therapy calling!


4 curious people say...:

Percy said...

sexy eyes, oh my yes, very sexy eyes.. and I am just viewing the picture here, in person they would be mesmerizing .. :)
musician... if I am remembering correctly, 'very easy on the eyes' if that it is him.

Jennybean said...

hmm sounds like you have a few things to work out with yourself, don't we all...

mnwhr said...

Do you really not know why you are the way you are about relationships? Just askin.

curiousgirl said...

@percy - oh stop flirting, it will get you no where!

@jennybean - thanks for stopping by!...yeah, i suppose i do...but that is part of life isnt it...figuring out how to make things work...

@mnwhr - i have some ideas...just some days i get overwhelmed with it all...but, like all passes! ;)